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What is a replacement window?

It is a Window that is custom made to suit the opening of the existing window to any design you require with minimal to none interference to the existing interior of your property.

Are there different types or styles?

There are several different types and styles of windows and doors. There are a wide variety from standard casement windows, flush sash windows, aluminium windows, sliders. If your not sure what and want any ideas on what style would best suit your home natural design than contact us and we can advise on what would suit your home and ensure we find the right products for you.

What is better a composite or a standard door?

Composite doors are of course better in terms of security, thermal efficiency, quality and appearance. However you get what you pay for. Composite doors are more expensive and whilst they are a much better product standard doors also offer a very high standard of security and thermal efficiency but you are limited to appearance. There are panel door options however if you want a colour and not just standard white they don’t end up much cheaper than a composite door which is a much better product in comparison.

What is the process having new windows/doors installed?

It’s a very quick and efficient process. Once contact has been made with ourselves we will arrange with you a day for a surveyor to come and measure your property. Once they have measured they will bring the designs and sizes to a processor who will be able to price the whole job up for you and email a quote with drawings and prices. If you are happy with this then you can reply for us to go ahead and then a contract will be sent. Once we have received this we will order the doors and windows and anything standard would be fitted within 4 weeks except in really busy times. Anything none standard will be discussed at the point of quoting so you can decide how best to proceed. Once installation is completed you will check and make sure you are happy with everything and sign the completed installation form. Then once we receive final payment we will send out you FENSA certificate and your 10 years insurance back guarantee.

Do new windows reduce outside noise?

New windows will help to reduce the noise, there are other glass options such as triple glazed that will significantly reduce the noise if you live in a loud area. If you speak to one of our technical advisers they will be able to help you with this and advise the best options.

I live in a conservation area and been informed I can’t have double glazing. What are my options?

We can still help here. We also offer secondary glazing windows which is simply another window frame that fits inside your existing window which has options for thermal efficiency and acoustic glass to reduce noise.

Will new windows improve value of my property?

Yes. The main reason people choose to upgrade with new windows is for the benefit of heating. You will notice immediately the difference in thermal efficiency once the new windows are installed and you will notice this on the savings on heating bills. Existing windows, especially timber, require maintenance however whether you choose our PVC or Aluminium windows they are virtually maintenance free. If you do choose to sell the property than potential buyers will notice the state of the property and with new windows this will require minimal work for them which is always a great selling point. Plus if we fit your windows as we are FENSA registered

What is a FENSA certificate?

A FENSA certificate is a declaration by the installation company to the homeowner that the windows and doors they have replaced comply with building regulations, use energy efficient products and are registered with the local council. It verifies that the warranty is insured and is essential when selling the property.

What does FENSA cover?

FENSA covers the replacement of external windows, doors, roof windows and roof lights in your home, against then relevant Building Regulations. Note that the property must be citied on its original footprint, and the use and size of rooms mustn’t be altered.

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